Current Registration Information

  Steps for Enrolling in Virtual School     

Open free of charge to all students in SUPERNet Districts

Course costs are paid through membership fees

TxVSN students must first register through the TxVSN Network before you will be allowed in SUPERNet Courses,

Print the directions below so that you can follow them as you follow links away from this page. Underlined words are active links, but if your browser does not respond, copy and paste the URL in parentheses into your browser.

1 .COUNSELORS of STUDENTS IN SUPERNET or SUPERNet II DISTRICTS must complete the online Registration ( )



Students will be using a Gaggle email account to communicate with the director and instructor

*** Your gaggle address must be functioning before you continue this process, so be sure to check it before you proceed. Your account will not be active immediately after you register. It generally takes 24-48 hours unless a specific date is stated for the current registration period.

SUMMER STUDENTS: You may register now but your gaggle account will not work until May 26***


Click Here to view video with the following instructions.


2. Go to Gaggle email ( to check and make sure your gaggle email address is working

·         DO NOT ADD YOUR OUTSIDE EMAIL ADDRESS AT THE TIME YOU FIRST LOGIN. Your username will be firstname.lastnamevs

·        Your password will be supernet

·        After you login, you will be forced to change your password

·        Write your password down

·        Once you are sure this account is working, you may continue the registration process

3. You will be taking your class on a system called "MOODLE". This is a separate system than Gaggle. Gaggle is only for email. You will register for and complete the General Orientation class

·        Follow the link (

·        Click on the small "login" button in the upper right corner. Under "Is this your first time here" click on "Create a New Account" Register yourself.  

·        When it asks for your email address, use your gaggle email address that is assigned to you for this course. You will use 

·        Be sure to remember the username and password that you select for yourself

4.  After registering your new Moodle account

·       enroll yourself in the Orientation course


5.  Complete the orientation course, following the directions


·        Once you complete the Orientation, you will then be admitted into your class  (There is an email that you must send Dr. Crawford in order for you to complete orientation).


·        If you attempt to register for a particular class before completing the Orientation, it will tell you that it is unenrollable  

6.  Once you have completed all of the steps above, bookmark the main site so that you can easily return to your courses. SUPERNet Virtual School, (

Course Offerings:




Social Studies



Tech/Fine Arts

**Algebra 1


World Geography

English     1

Spanish  2

**Principles in Information Tech.



**World History

English 3

Spanish 3

Algebra 2


US History

**English 4


Tech Aps Courses-1 semester courses

**Digital Forensics
**Digital Design A
**Media Production B
**Web Design A
**Web Design B

**Math Models

Earth and
Space Science


**Special Topics in 
Social Studies:

**Old Testament
**New Testament

Art 1







 Career Tech Courses

Professional Communications (1/2 credit)

Principles of Health Science (1/2 credit)
Medical Terminology (1/2 credit)

                                    **TXVSN courses

Supervisor Contact Information: Debi Crawford

email: phone-903-520-5207

Technical support- Mike Gras- mikegras@mastereducators.net903-238-6033